The VR Museum of Fine Art: Steam Release Friday

Proudly announcing the upcoming SteamVR release of The VR Museum of Fine Art, Steam’s premiere VR educational experience. Explore 15 high-fidelity sculptures ranging from Michelangelo’s Pieta to the gigantic Great Buddha. Available this Friday, Free to Play.

The VR Museum of Fine Art on Steam


7 thoughts on “The VR Museum of Fine Art: Steam Release Friday

  1. ROBERTO RUBIO aka Drakotxu says:

    Hi there. I saw your experience in reddit, I’m one of the guy asking for donate. A bit late, but I did it today, not a big amount but it’s something.

    I love the work you did it there and I wanted to help in other way also donating. My girlfriend tried your experience yesterday but she doesn’t speak English, so she couldn’t read the texts. I was thinking I could help translating to my language (Spanish) and even you could ask for help to others for more languages.

    You have my email in the form. Just let me know if you are interested.

    Thank you!


  2. Bruno says:

    Hello Finn, looks incredible! In the future are you planning to release like a unity template version where users can place their own art?



    1. finnnorth says:

      Unfortunately, the process and environment is not simple enough to be reduced to a template. Perhaps in the future I can release a lower-quality environment that is expandable with user art.


  3. Piers Ledger says:

    Hi would really like to be able to let our customers experience the VR Museum of Fine Art at our VR Lounge in Redhill, Surrey. UK. Please let me know if we have your permission to use it? We are a new business.


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