My name is Finn Sinclair and I’m the sole developer at Polar Software.

The mission of Polar is to surprise. In my work, I strive to surprise myself. I try to surprise my friends, my colleagues, and those I work for. Surprise doesn’t just mean to do the unexpected: it means to try new things, experiment, and to try and push boundaries.

My work surprises me sometimes, too. I stretch software to its limits, and what it does then is challenging and frustrating. Nevertheless, it’s always a surprise.

When people see an art museum in VR, they’re surprised. It’s a new take on a new medium, and it proves that VR isn’t just for games. That’s a valuable surprise.

The name Polar comes from a few places. I’m from Alaska, which is a unique place to call home. Not many game developers can say they work from home… in Alaska! The name Polar offers a slight nod to that interesting bit of background. In addition, my middle and last initials are NS, the poles of a magnetic field. However, the origins of the name aren’t important. The effect is. I hope my work is attractive, yet polarizing. I hope that it gets people thinking. And I hope that there will never be a day without surprises.